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Vera's Story

I don’t like being the center of attention or talking about myself. And I am not comfortable telling you about me because, well I think I am a little boring. However, if you are buying soap or some other product from me, I figure you might want to know a little something about me.

I am a retired educator from Raleigh, North Carolina. It is my good fortunate to be married to my best friend John. We have the joy of raising our grandson T.J. We have a rescue dog named Auggie, unlike our grandson the dog is spoiled.

See Vera talk about her business in a video by the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to retiring to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, I became interested in soap making. Like most people I gravitated to all-natural handcrafted soaps. They smelled good and looked cool with the swirls while being skin loving. I took one class on how to make handcrafted soap. This class fueled my passion for soap making and to learn more. So, I took a week-long class at James Campbell Folk Art School. This class fueled my passion to make quality soaps, healing balms, sugar scrubs and body butters.

In making my products I research and develop formulas that I use and think you would enjoy. Each product is tested to meet my high standards of quality. Friends and neighbors are testers. So far, they love being testers. Shout out to these wonderful clean smelling beautiful people. I love their authentic feedback. To my wonderful customers, thank you for being my customer.

The Process

Get the Best Ingredients

We choose food grade ingredients to make sure that our soaps are safe and of the highest quality. Our oils, lye, and scents come from high end sources so that the final product has an exceptional look, feel, and fragrance.

Use a Custom Recipe

Years of tweaking our recipes has led to unique and luxurious products that are specifically designed with aging skin in mind. Using quality oils and scents add to the appeal of the recipes and offers plenty of varieties with an assortment of colors and smells.

Inject Artistry

Our soaps are inspired by the picturesque Appalachian mountains we call home. Many of our bars reflect the scenery, while others reflect the smells and aura of this magical region. We love creating colorful and imaginative designs with soap that make them a joy to behold and lather.

Let It Cure

After making soap, we let the rest of the water evaporate and give it time to harden in a process called "curing." This helps the bar last longer and ensures that the chemical reactions have completely finished before they get to our shelves. 

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